• Residential


    At Afrikay System we treat your home like our own, understanding the importance of aesthetics, simple and efficient design as well as the practicality of fitting into your budget; we will customize a solar solution to meet your family's energy demands so you can build upon gradually. How to select the right technology for your family

    Photovoltaic systems reduce your demand from the electric company. Some families want protection from volatile utility prices and the burden of monthly utility bills. Because it will pay for itself multiple times over, solar can be one of the best investments you will ever make.

    In addition to the financial benefits, solar enables homeowners to tap a free and abundant source of energy instead of burning costly fossil which pollute and are in limited supply. Harvesting the sun is truly green, benefiting the earth's natural climate, air, and water quality. The key point is understanding your family habits and energy needs and combining that with the structural considerations of your home, roof and orientation.

  • Commercial


    Our experience ensures we will design the right solution for your business needs. We have an excellent reputation with customers; builders, architects, municipalities and industry experts. Business owners are some of our most enthusiastic customers because solar saves them money now and give them the freedom to shape their business's energy future. Government incentives make solar affordable and Solar Service makes it easy to receive these incentives by preparing necessary paperwork for rebates and grants.

    So, what is best for your company?
    All businesses are great candidates for PV. By examining your electric usage, we will recommend a system that reduces your electric bills, builds company pride and shows customers and vendors that you are doing your part in reducing demand for conventional electricity.
    Application 1: This system built on the top of commercial architectures can be turned into micro grid with public grid, providing safe and trustful power supply. It is composed of solar modules, DC power distribution cabinet, storage battery, solar charge controller, solar off-grid inverter, AC power distribution cabinet, etc. According to the specific loading condition, it can adopt multiple parallel (maximum 4 sets) or three single-phrase parallel to improve the output power and the security of power supply. Besides, it is widely used in many office AC loads, such as AC air condition, printer, computer, fan and water dispenser, etc.

  • Industrial

  • Energy Efficiency


    Energy Efficient Lighting
    Energy efficient lighting is an essential pillar for sustainability. It reduces the carbon footprint of a business and has a positive effect. Lighting is the most basic and necessary, yet also most costly and wasteful challenge for any business. Afrikay System is committed to installing state-of-the-art systems that will immediately improve energy consumption and deliver long-term value. Our team will redesign and retrofit your existing lighting scheme, implement advanced energy saving technologies and develop a plan that is tailored to the unique needs and goals of your business. Digitally Addressable Lighting Interfaces (DALI) is at the core of the Afrikay System lighting strategy. This clever system eliminates excess usage by measuring available sunlight as well as tracking the occupancy of a room. With our solutions you can reduce lighting consumption up to 70%

    LED Lighting
    Light-Emitting Diodes, or LED's utilize a fraction of the energy required by a typical light bulb without losing any luminosity. LED's typically last about 50,000 hours in comparison to the average 750 hours of an incandescent bulb. Afrikay System is a leading energy consultancy that specializes in LED lighting retrofit and is prepared to assist businesses in all industries to utilize this eco-friendly and cost-effective method of lighting. Cutting down on energy costs is a popular solution used by companies when they need to tighten their budget. Companies who use commercial LED lighting witness significant drops in their monthly energy bills.

    Energy Audit
    Energy benchmarking is the process of conducting an evaluation of the amount of energy that a commercial building consumes over the course of a year. By doing so, building owners gain a better understanding of their property's energy use. Energy Audit is the easiest way of accessing energy use in commercial buildings. Afrikay System specializes in taking the information on energy of your building and generating an energy analysis sheet so as to be able to plan for Energy Efficiency solution and Energy conservation module.