About Our Company

Afrikay System is an African high-tech company focused on efficient solar modules for reliable green power generation. We deliver complete solar solutions for residential and commercial customers as well as major regenerative projects for institutional investors.

Afrikay System makes use of the most modern and efficient technologies available. We are a one-stop provider of expertise, individual components and complete renewable energy systems.

We have an unsurpassed reputation and supply of double glass photovoltaic solutions exclusive to our industry. Our team of directors has been successful in carrying out research globally for some of the major manufacturers in the solar markets around the world and partnered them.

Our Mission

Afrikay System believes that the true value of a solar panel lies in the electricity it generates. Independent tests conducted have proven that our solar products are superior in energy generations. We deliver industry-leading solar energy solutions through high value collaborations with fellow energy innovators, distributers and solar installers around the world.